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iPhone XS Max vs iPhone XS Unboxing and Review. Price, screen size and performance breakdown Video & Blog

As you may have read in our latest post; ‘What can we expect from the Apple iPhone launch’ we were all pretty freaking excited here at Proporta HQ for the 2018 Apple Event.


So it will come to no surprise to anyone that we were first in the virtual line for pre-ordering the Apple iPhone XS & Apple iPhone XS Max. But, have they lived up to the hype? Watch our ‘iPhone XS Max vs iPhone XS Unboxing and Review. Price, screen size and performance breakdown’ video (below) to see what our Production Director Iain made of the new phones.



In the video, Iain breaks down the main points of difference between the iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max, and how they differ from previous Apple launches. Plus we answer the big questions, such as; how much do the new iPhones cost? What extra features are we getting? And is it actually worth upgrading?


We also cover all the facts and figures surrounding the iPhone XS Max screen size, improved battery life, and the new A12 bionic processor.


Here are some more key figures for those interested in upgrading:


iPhone XS Max:

Screen Size: 6.5 inch. This is really what sets the XS Max aside from older devices. Although the phone is a similar size to the 8 Plus with the new edge-to-edge display, the XS Max is ideal for gaming, socials and watching videos, and for those who usually travel with a tablet and phone, the XS Max could be the perfect compromise. Proporta recommends our Ultra-Edge Screen Protector for protection that doesn’t interfere with clarity.


Weight: 208 grams. That’s a whopping 4 grams more than Apple’s next heaviest phone, the 8 Plus. Our advice is to get a lightweight case to protect that lovely screen without adding any extra bulk to your backpack. Proporta recommends our Flex Switch Carbon Fibre case.


Battery Life: Hour & a half longer than the iPhone X. Another major selling point of the XS Max, with increased app usage, streaming and selfie taking – who isn’t looking for increased battery life?!


Price: Starting from £1,099/$1,099. With a price that matches the screen size, the XS MAx will set you back a pretty penny. As Iain points out in our ‘iPhone XS Max vs iPhone XS Unboxing and Review. Price, screen size and performance breakdown’ video us Brits may want to wait until we’re in the US to pick up a device, with the cost being the same in dollars as pounds. Proporta recommends: With such a pricey new phone, you’ll want to ensure it’s fully protected and looking its best. Try our range of Ted Baker cases for iPhone XS Max.


Apple iPhone XS:

Screen Size: 5.8 inches. The Apple iPhone XS has the same screen size as the X. And although the device is a little thicker than the X all our iPhone X cases will fit your new iPhone XS. Proporta recommends: Keep your new phone safe and scratch free with our Flex Switch Grey Marl folio case.


Weight: 177 grams. That’s 3 grams more than the iPhone X, although we believe the improved battery size more than compensates for the increased weight. Proporta recommends: try the Proporta Flex Switch Grey Marl, with its anti-shock Air Wall it’s lightweight yet protective.


Battery Life: Half an hour longer than iPhone X. This is where that extra weight is going. Half an hour might not seem a lot, but it’ll come in handy on those endless commutes and train delays. Proporta recommends: If you are concerned about battery life, but don’t want to upgrade to XS Max keep the Proporta Switch Charge on your desk for wireless fast charging before you head out the door.


Price: Starting from £999/$999. Apple has now stopped selling the iPhone X on their site, but you can still pick one up from retailers such as Carphone Warehouse from around £899. Jumping to £999 for all the improved features the XS has to offer could be well worth the stretch.


Be sure to watch our ‘iPhone XS Max vs iPhone XS Unboxing and Review. Price, screen size and performance breakdown’ video and let us know what you think of the new phones in the comments!


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For further info and an excellent comparison of the XS Max with some alternative devices, be sure to check out these articles by our friends at Gizmodo.

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