Staff Picks

Sometimes there are just so many lovely things to choose from that you need a little help finding those gems that you know are hiding in there somewhere. And so we thought we’d give you a helping hand by sharing some of our favourite products, all chosen by the staff themselves.

Diego has chosen the Profile Case for the Apple iPhone 3G or 4G iPod Nano, a stylish little number that cocoons your device in a tough polycarbonate and embossed leather shell. Function is the most important thing here, but fashion most certainly hasn’t been sacrificed.

Max’s favourite is the Impact Protective Crystal Case for the 4G Nano, which adds little bulk to your device but is impact absorbent and super tough. It’s also, as you might have guessed, crystal clear, and so it makes sure the beauty of your nano isn’t being hidden in any way.

Graham went for the more touchy feely option, plumping for the Soft Feel Silicone Case for the iPhone 3GS, that offers precision moulded protection against scratches and impact damage, in a surprisingly soft and silky package. And in Graham’s opinion, it simply has to be in green, or it just doesn’t quite cut it.

Somewhat unoriginally, Guy’s favourite is also the Soft Feel Silicone Case, but when asked to be a little more creative, he revealed his love for the Perfora Leather Style Netbook Case. This little number offers robust protection and a sharp, stylish finish, with a contrast strip and perforation detail design making sure your Netbook is safe as houses and looking beautiful to boot.

David’s pick is the Neoprene Netbook Case, whose tough memory foam exterior protects against bumps, scratches and impact damage, whilst adding almost no bulk, and offering an elegant black finish for a case that fits like a second skin.

Lynnette’s choice shows that there’s definitely a bit of an Apple obsession going on behind the scenes here, with another case for the iPod nano. The Soft Feel Silicone Case fits the device perfectly, provides dual layered protection and offers access to all ports and controls so that you need never take it off.

Patrizia’s must-have is also designed to look after the iPod nano, with her choice of the Dual Skin Silicone Colour Pack. The Dual Skin Silicone Case consists of two tough, protective skins that prevent scratching and limit impact damage, and with the Colour Pack, you get a choice of 8 colours. This is why Patrizia loves it, she says, because you can change the skin according to your mood – so if you see her with a bright case on you know she’s happy, but woe betide you if it’s a dark one…

These are just some of our favourites, and there are many more diamonds waiting to be discovered in the full product range. If the above has whetted your appetite, then why not have a browse?