Screen Protection

Proporta understand just as much as the next person how vital screen protection is. It's pretty tricky to use your device without a screen. And if it's touch screen then you're really up the creek.

Proporta have a huge range of Advanced Screen Protectors and Echo Mirrored Screen Protectors (made to fit the exact specifications of your device), which ensure that your screen is kept safe and sound from screen-threatening ailments. And that's not all... We've also been able to improve the thickness of the high-clarity plastic that our screen protectors are manufactured from, without impairing screen brightness or quality. What more could you ask for?
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So as not to leave anyone out, Proporta have also manufactured the Universal Screen Overlay. This is a Cut-to-Size Screen Protector which enables any of the more unusual devices out there to have fully protected screens too. So if your device isn’t listed you can rest assured your screen can be kept safe and sound by Proporta.
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