Proporta Magnetic Vehicle Docking Mount

The Proporta Magnetic Vehicle Docking Mount is compatible with all Proporta hard cases. The mount uses a tough, lever-activated, suction mounting system, to securely attach itself to your vehicle windscreen and hold your device firmly in place.
How to attach to your windscreen…
To attach your Magnetic Vehicle Docking Mount to your windscreen, firstly peel off the protection label and place suction pad onto windscreen. Once contact has been made, push the lever towards the base so as to increase suction and hold the mount firmly in place. To remover the Magnetic Vehicle Docking Mount, lift the lever away from the windscreen and use suction pad flap to aid in removing from windscreen.
How to use with an Alu-Leather Case…
To attach your Alu-Leather Case to your Magnetic Docking Mount, simply allow the magnetised base and the case’s aluminium insert to bond with one another.
When travelling across unstable ground, the magnetic base can slip underneath the belt attachment post of your Alu-Leather Case for added security. To do so, remove the blanking screw from the back of the case and replace with the attachment post.
Just before the post is completely fastened, slip the half circle cut-out of the magnetic base underneath the screw, so it is held between the case and the attachment post. Once fitted in place, screw tightly
How to use with an Aluminium, Magnesium or Crystal Case
To attach your Hard Case to your Magnetic Docking Mount, you must first attach the spare magnetic pad to the back of your case. Remove the sticker from the pad, and place it in the centre of the case, where it will be stuck fast. Once firmly in place, allow the magnetised base and the case’s magnetic pad to bond with one another.
Please Note: This product uses strong magnets. Direct contact between any magnetic storage medium (such as computer hard disks, hard disks used in 5G iPods and PDAs with large storage) and strong magnets may result in data loss. This does *not* affect PDAs, Smartphones or other devices (including the iPod nano and iPod Shuffle) which use flash memory. Please ask Proporta if you are unsure and, as always, remember to keep your mobile data backed up.