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Mobile Device Charger Trouble Shooting

Troubleshoot your charging  
If you’re experiencing difficulties with your Mobile Device Charger – some simple pointers can usually help fix the problem.  

Don’t forget that Proporta’s Mobile Device Charger and Mobile Device Charger – Micro will charge anything that requires 5.5V – which means virtually everything handheld that isn’t a laptop.

Quick solve questions:  
Is your device switched on or off when you attempt to charge?  

When a device is off it requires a very strong current to revive the power – it is better to keep the device turned on while charging with the Mobile Device Charger and Mobile Device Charger – Micro.

How much charge has your device got (if any) at the point of charging?  

Most devices need a very strong current to begin charging, so if your battery is completely empty it might need a kick start.  For some power hungry devices only the specific cable from the manufacturer with have enough strength to do this.  It’s best not to let your device run out of battery completely before you charge – just to be safe.

Are you using a standard or retractable cable?  

The nature of a retractable cable means that the current has to travel round and round the coil before it gets to the device – this means that the current is not always as strong when it gets to the other end.  A standard cable has a more stable journey and for power hungry devices can sometimes be the better option.

Have you pressed the button?  

We know you’re intelligent and don’t mean to patronise, but your charger will not begin to charge your device until you have pressed the button and the light glows. Once charging, the green light on the Mobile Device Charger will turn to red and the blue lights on the Mobile Device Charger – Micro will shine bright. The current will turn off on its own when the device battery is full.

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