The Proporta Mobile Device Charger – your questions answered…

You can calculate exactly how many charges the Proporta MDC will supply before you need to recharge it by looking at the battery capacity of your device (this should be marked on its internal battery or somewhere on the device itself, if not you're sure to find the information on the internet) and dividing it INTO the 3400 mAh capacity of the MDC. The table below gives some examples.

Make Model Battery capacity (mAh) Talk time Stand by Power  Full Charges
Nokia N95 950 6hr 30 mins 220 High 3.58
Nokia 6300 860 3hr 30 mins 348 Mid 3.95
Nokia N73 1100 4hr 6mins 350 Mid 3.09
Nokia 6021 563 3 hrs 336 Low 4.47
Samsung E900 800 3hrs 30 mins 220 Mid 4.25
Samsung D900 800 3hrs 40 mins 300 Mid 4.25
LG Prada 800 3 hrs 300 Mid 4.25
Sony Ericsson K800i 900 7hrs 350 High 3.78

Customers report they can recharge their mobile phones around eight times from a fully charged MDC - this is because their devices are normally not completely flat when their battery gauges indicate empty/very low. Please be aware that the above talk times are the potential maximum number of charges possible from the MDC and that this is dependent on your device usage, battery life and capacity. Don't forget, you can recharge your MDC wherever you find a USB port. The Proporta adaptors below will turn a car power supply or a normal 110-240v AC power supply (anywhere in the world) into a USB port for you.

Battery capacity is similar for these popular handsets and ranges from 563-1100mAh. It doesn’t matter so much as to whether it’s a high or low end device as there is not a direct correlation between the battery capacity and the device's features/capabilities. Higher end devices are usually more efficient with power management so do not require larger batteries.

If you cannot get your charger to work – some simple questions can usually sort the problem out.

Don’t forget that it will charge anything that requires 5V – which means virtually everything handheld that isn’t a laptop

Quicksolve questions:

Are the devices on or off when you attempt to charge?

When a device is off it requires a very strong current to revive the power – it is better to keep the device turned on while charging with the Mobile Device Charger

How much charge have they got (if any) at the point of charging?
If the battery is completely empty, again, it needs a very strong current to begin charging. For some power hungry devices only the specific cable from the manufacturer with have enough strength to do this. Try not to let your device run out of battery completely before you charge – just in case.

  • Are you using a standard or retractable cable?
The nature of a retractable cable means that the current has to travel round and round the coil before it gets to the device – this means that the current is not as strong when it gets to the other end. A standard cable has a more stable journey and for power hungry devices can be the better option.

Have you pressed the button ;-)
The charger will not begin to charge your device until you have pressed the button and it glows green  The green light will go out and the current will turn off on its own when the device battery is full.

Happy charging