Magnetic Dashboard Mount


Securely attach your PDA, phone or other device to your dashboard without tools or screws, with the small but effective Proporta Magnetic Dashboard Mount.

The Magnetic Dashboard Mount consists of:

- Magnetic Dashboard Mount
- Magnetic Sticky Pads x 2
- Lint-free Cleaning Cloth

How to attach Magnetic Dashboard Mount to your dashboard…

To attach your Magnetic Dashboard Mount to your dashboard, peel off the strong 3M sticky label running along the back of the Mount. Using the lint-free cleaning cloth, wipe the area of the dashboard that you wish to attach the Mount to, ensuring that the area is clear of any dust. Press the Magnetic Dashboard Mount onto the vehicle’s dashboard at the desired level and push firmly along the Mount’s length to ensure solid contact has been made.

How to attach Magnetic Sticky Pad to device…

To attach your device to the Magnetic Dashboard Mount, you must first attach the Magnetic Sticky Pad to the back of your device. Again using the lint-free cleaning cloth, wipe the back of the device to ensure that the area is clear of any dust or grease. Remove the sticker from the pad, and place it as central on the device as possible, where it will be stuck fast. Once firmly in place, allow the magnetised mount and the device’s magnetic pad to bond with one another.

Please Note: This product uses strong magnets. Direct contact between any magnetic storage medium (such as computer hard disks, hard disks used in 5G iPods and PDAs with large storage) and strong magnets may result in data loss. This does *not* affect PDAs, Smartphones or other devices (including the iPod nano and iPod Shuffle) which use flash memory. Please ask Proporta if you are unsure and, as always, remember to keep your mobile data backed up.