Laptop Accessories

Welcome to Proporta’s newest accessory department. We’ve been designing and manufacturing products for PDAs, Smartphones and MP3 players for over ten years now, so we thought it a logical step to transfer the expertise we’ve developed along the way into creating laptop accessories.

The department is only in its infancy at the moment we so only have a few products to boast about, however please do keep an eye on Proporta’s site as more and more laptop accessories will be continually added to our product catalogue.

Protective Laptop Bag

Protect your laptop while on the move with this Protective Laptop Bag. Made from a rugged material called Cordura®, the Protective Laptop Bag has additional padded lining making it a rather tough case to be reckoned with. The numerous individual compartments of the Protective Laptop Bag allow you to keep each of your devices and their accompanying accessories within their own section for quick and easy access.

The main compartment of the Protective Laptop Bag has a plastic grommet allowing you to feed through cables from the front compartment into the main bag, enabling you to charge your devices or laptop whilst on the go. A second grommet can be found at the base of the bag allowing you to feed through headphones so that you can listen to your MP3 player whilst it is safely concealed and protected in the bag.

Other features include:
 - Small, secret pocket for money or cards
 - 2 x bright coloured karabiners - high visibility for keys
 - Shoulder strap, or discreetly hidden away rucksack straps - choice of two comfortable carry options
 - Strong rubber feet to prevent shock absorption when making contact with hard surface

Portable Laptop Battery

The Portable Laptop Battery allows you to charge your laptop, wherever you are. This useful battery charges from your laptop's AC adapter and stores an impressive 6000mAh of power for when you next need it. Suitable for more for most 16V and 19V laptops, the Laptop Battery is provided with a selection of attachment tips to attach to your laptop's AC adapter and charge the battery for future use. When your laptop is next running low, insert the battery's output cable and tip into the laptop charging port, and recharge your laptop for prolonged use.

For a full compatibility list, please click here

Essential Laptop Kit

The Essential Laptop Kit contains all the must-have accessories you could possibly need when using your laptop on the go. The perfect partner to the Protective Laptop Bag, the kit offers you a 20% saving compared to when purchasing the following items separately - Portable Laptop Battery, Stereo Y Splitter Cable, Mobile Device Screen Cleaner, SD Card with Built-in USB and Leather Memory Wallet.