iPod FM Transmitter

Listen to your iPod on a normal FM radio. Simply plug the FM Transmitter into your iPod and it will wirelessly connect to your car or home stereo. The iPod FM Transmitter is available in a variety of colours, to perfectly compliment your Apple iPod.
Instructions for use:
  1. Insert the transmitter into the iPod’s charging dock connector found at the base of the device.
  2. The frequency selection screen will appear on your iPod’s screen once the iPod FM Transmitter is connected. Select the required frequency by pressing the search buttons until you find your preferred frequency. (Note: if no selection is requested within 3 seconds the iPod will enter into play mode. If you wish to reactivate the frequency selection screen, simply press the memory button or search buttons.)
  3. Tune your radio into the same frequency you have selected on your iPod FM Transmitter. Set the volume adjustment on your iPod to a mid level, and adjust the volume control of your FM radio to the desired listening level.
  4. To store the chosen frequency, hold the memory button for 3 seconds. This will highlight memory stations 1-9 at the top of your screen. Select which memory station you wish to assign the frequency to by scrolling up and down using the search buttons. Hold the memory button for 3 seconds once you are happy with your selection.
  5. You can scroll through the preset frequencies by pressing the search buttons, when the memory stations 1-9 are highlighted at the top of the screen. If you wish to switch between memory stations and frequency selection, press the memory button.
  6. The transmitter does not require any internal batteries to operate as it will draw what is required from the iPod’s own stored power.