Universal Screen Protector Instructions – measure, snip, protect

Screens are measured by width and height in millimetres and by ‘screen size’ diagonally in inches (see diagram).

Using the ruler shown on the packaging of your Proporta Universal Screen Protector...

1) Measure the vertical height of your screen
2) Measure the horizontal width of your screen
3) Use a pen or pencil to mark the height and width onto the backing sheet* of your Screen Protector
4) Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the Screen Protector to the correct size (the grid lines will help you to cut straight, 90 degree edges)
5) To apply the Screen Protector, give your screen a quick wipe with the orange cloth provided, use the tag to peel off the plastic backing and line up the edges. Use the card to iron out any bubbles.

* Note that this is the side with the peel tag attached to it.