The Proporta Twisted System – Portable Speakers - Instructions

The Proporta Twisted System – Portable Speakers consists of two independent speakers, each rated at 2.5 watts RMS, producing a stereo output of 5 watts RMS with a total peak power of 10 watts.

Main and Secondary Speaker

The right hand speaker is the Main Speaker. It contains the amplifier and can be identified by the three ports (USB, Aux and L. Out) on the back and the ON/OFF switch on its base. The left hand speaker is the Secondary Speaker, it is controlled and powered by the Main Speaker and has only one port (L IN) on the back).

Connecting the Speakers

Plug one end of the speaker cable (black cable with black plugs) into the L OUT port on the back of the Main Speaker; plug the other end into the L IN port on the back of the Secondary Speaker.

Next plug the supplied double headed stereo 3.5mm jack cable (black cable with green plugs) into the green AUX port on the back of the Main Speaker; plug the other end of this cable into the output (or headphones) port of your portable music player (iPod, laptop, mobile phone etc.)

Now you’re connected, you just need some power…

Powering the Speakers

There are two ways to power your Twisted System – Portable Speakers .

On the base of the Main Speaker is a door* to the battery compartment which accepts three standard AAA type batteries** (not supplied). When fitted, these AAA batteries will power both the Main Speaker and the Secondary Speaker.

Alternatively, on the back of the Main Speaker is a female mini USB port; this allows you to power both speakers from any*** standard USB port using the supplied USB to mini-USB cable. The Main Speaker also features an LED indicator which shows the battery level of your chosen power source.

Now you’re all set up… don’t forget to make sure the ON/OFF switch (on the base of the Main Speaker) is set to ON.


* The Secondary Speaker has a dummy battery compartment but it is non-functional (you may wish to use it to carry spare batteries).

** You can use any AAA batteries (disposable or rechargeable); however, please note that if you are using rechargeable type batteries, you cannot charge them inside your Twisted System – Portable Speakers, instead you will need an external charger.

*** The Proporta TurboCharger (see www.proporta.com/power) offers a powerful, rechargeable mobile power pack with USB/mini-USB output to save the cost and environmental impact of using disposable AAA batteries. It will also charge your phone, iPod or any other USB device. Our Fast Travel Charger (AC with USB Socket) will power any USB device from AC power sources worldwide and you’ll also find a USB Car Power Supply. All of these products will work with your Twisted System – Portable Speakers – feel free to use the Promotion Code TWISTED.