Beachbuoy Instructions

With the Beachbuoy case facing you:

1. Place your device and/or valuables in the Beachbuoy case and pinch firmly along the full length of Grip Seal 1 - it should snap positively into place.
2. Pinch firmly along the full length of Grip Seal 2 located at the top of your Beachbuoy case.
3. Fold the top section of your Beachbuoy case over – you should no longer be able to see the text.
4. Fold over a second time – you should now see a GREEN line and soft Velcro strip - the warning text should now be fully hidden.
5. Now waterproof your case using the Velcro Closure Tab to fasten the folds in place - press firmly along the full length of the Velcro to fasten securely.

Warning: [image: warning symbol] if you can see RED lines or warning text then your Beachbuoy case is not yet waterproof. Only when you follow the above steps in full is the Beachbuoy case waterproof.
If in doubt, please perform the Tissue Paper Test (above) before entrusting your mobile device or other valuables to your Beachbuoy case.