Wireless FM Transmitter


1. Channel selection button

2. Channel LED

3. Power LED

4. Power switch

5. Audio in-line cable

6. DC port

7. Battery cover


Listen to your iPod, MP3 player or any stereo on a normal FM radio. Simply plug the FM Transmitter into the headphone port of your portable music player and it will wirelessly connect to your car or home stereo.


Instructions for use:

  1. Open the battery cover on your transmitter, and install 2 x AAA batteries. Replace the battery cover.
  2. Slide the power switch on your transmitter to the right. The power LED will indicate when the transmitter is on. If you choose to use the in-car charger, simply plug it into the DC port. Batteries do not need to be installed to use the transmitter if it is being powered by the in-car charger.
  3. Plug the Audio in-line cable into the headphone port or line-out port of your portable music player.
  4. Tune your FM radio to one of the following channels, deciding upon one that has a very weak radio station or no radio station broadcasting on it: 106.7, 107.1, 107.5, 107.9. Press the channel selection button until you reach the channel you have decided upon.
  5. Set the volume adjustment on your MP3 player or other portable music player to a mid level.
  6. Adjust the volume control of your FM radio to the desired listening level.
  7. To turn off the transmitter, slide the power switch to the left. Ensure that the transmitter is turned off once you have finished using it, so to avoid unwanted drainage of the batteries.


For best results:

Place the transmitter as close to the antenna of your FM stereo. While the transmitter often works at distances of over 30ft (9.14m), a distance of 10ft (3.05m) or less will minimise interference and provide the strongest signal.


Keep fresh batteries in the transmitter where possible. When the batteries become very low, the transmission strength will weaken.


The power LED will turn off when there is no power to charge the transmitter. In this instance, please replace with new batteries or use the in-car power supply for continued use of transmitter.