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day of the dad


When there's no more room for toys ... the dad will get the deals
On May 5th is Fathers Day... the day of the Dad.
We took a bite out of the prices for our most Dad-friendly gadgets
All the equipment Dads (and Un-Dads) needs to survive family life
*Offers end Thursday 12th of May 2016
Subject to availability, terms and conditions apply.
Smartphone Cases
$39.95 $29.95
(iPhone 6S Carbon Fibre)
Our Boomstick-tested real leather iPhone case will survive being dropped, drooled on or stabbed with a spork. Check out our Shotgun test video with Uncle Barry.
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Smartphone Cases
$24.95 $14.95
(iPhone 6S Dual Shield)
Prevent the spread of the infection with our military drop-tested Dual Shield iPhone Case. It defends against E-Coli and MRSA Bacteria and can be used to fend off scratch attacks.
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Smartphone Cases
$59.95 $39.95
(TC12000 WP)
Prevent the impending Carpocalypse by pacifying your little monsters with hours of mobile use, while on the road. Our World Packs also include a Car-USB Charger.
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Smartphone Cases
$19.95 $9.95
(Universal Selfie Stick)
Protect your gadgets from the clawing hoards. Can also be used as an arm extension for safe surveying over walls, or as replacement arm if you happen to be missing one.
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Smartphone Cases
$19.95 $9.95
(Bluetooth Tracker)
Use our Bluetooth-Keyring-tracker to find your hidden stash or distract the hordes by making it beep from afar. Our Use the Solar Keyring torch light the way.
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Smartphone Cases
$11.95 $5.95
(Universal Cordura Bag)
This MOLLE-compatible military standard cordura belt holster will not just hold your phone, but also that last Twinkie... and change for a pint.
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