Compatibility Chart for Device Connector Heads

To find out which connector head is compatible with your device, please either select your type of device or browse each individual connector head from the list below.

Dell Axim Palm (Classic)
iPAQ Palm (Universal)
iPod Samsung MP3
Micro USB  
Motorola Samsung Mobile Phone
Nintendo DS Lite Siemens
Nintendo GameBoy Advance Connector Head Sony Ericsson (Classic)
Nokia (Classic) Sony Ericsson (Universal)
Nokia (Universal)
Mini USB Connector DC 4.0 Connector
BlackBerry Clie Canon Casio
Fujitsu HTC Fujitsu Kodak
iPAQ Mda Nikon Olympus
Motorola Orange Panasonic  
Palm Xda    
Mini USB Connector (View image)           DC 4.0 Connector (View image)
SPV M1000 SPV M2500 SPV M2000
SPV M5000 SPV M500 SPV M600
SPV Classic SPV E100 SPV E200
SPV C500 SPV C550 SPV C600
M6000 SPV M6000 C700
M650 SPV E600 SPV M700
SPV M3000 SPV E650 SPV
V3 T22xx Q Q9
T193 T193 E770 Blaze
C332g V810 L7 V2200
C331g C350 SLVR L6 V300
C330 C353t E2 V400
A845 C343 E1070 K1
A840 C333c SLVR L7 V3x
A630 C331t SLVR Q V500
V325 E310 V525 V505
V220 C650 V551 V525
V188 V180 V600  
7520 7510 6510  
V505 V600    
O2 Atom Atom Life Mini O2 Orbit
Neo Orion Mini S Cosmo
Exec O2 Stealth Stella Xda Phone
Trion O2 Xphone Nova Xphone II
Orbit 2 Xphone IIm O2 Cosmo  
Graphite Mini Pro Zinc  
T830 Siemens Lifebook AS10 410
505 T5010 S30000 610BT
N520 600 S5000 LC43
N500 LC33 S5630  
N560 AV50 420  
1G iPod shuffle 3G iPod nano 5G iPod with Video iPod photo
1G iPod nano 3G iPhone iPod classic  
2G iPod nano 2G iPod shuffle iPod touch  
V66 A860 T730 I60
MPX220 A768i T343 I70
MPX200 A563 I80 V262
V710 V330 I85 V265
V120 V260 T120 V551
V70 T73x T720  
V65p T72x I90  
V60 T300p I95  
6210 7510 8310 Curve 8300
6230 7100r 8100 Gamma Ray
6280 7100g 8700g Curve
3510 7100x 8110 RIM Curve 8520
7210 7100t 8120  
7230 7290 Bold  
7250 8700f Storm  
7280 8800 Curve 8900  
7520 8300 Curve 8930  
Palm (Universal)
LifeDrive Tungsten TX Tungsten E  
Treo 650 Tungsten T5 Treo 750  
Treo 680 Tungsten EW2 Treo 563  
LC50 FZ10 AV50  
LC70 LC1 AV25  
Nokia (Classic)
1100 6340 6190 3000
1260 6620 6230 8265
1261 2260 I6560 8260
3200 3100 6682 I7610
3300 3120 5100 6820
3390 3220 6000 3589
3595 3360 6015  
6100 3560 3650  
6200 NP-GagcOD 5190  
Samsung MP3
SA288 SGH-R225 v20x s307
SGH-D410 SCH-N105 n625 x427m
d415 SGH-P107 r225m SGH-S300
d418 8500 q105 s308
e315 6100 p207 SGH-V200
e316 3500 x426 SGH-V205
e317 s30x x427  
A620 A95 A75 A85
A610 N500 A70  
DX6490 DX7630 LS743 V530
CX CX7430 DX7440  
6200 LS443 LS663  
Sony Ericsson (Classic)
T28 K563 T226 T630
K500i K563i T237 Z600
P800 T2xx T316 T306
T3xx T6xx T608 T300
P900 R320 T610 R300Z
T29 T39 T616 R300xx
T39d R300d R300 Z500a
T60x T61x R380 K563i
T62u T68 A2288 K500i
T68i Z200 A2218 S710a
z500a z600 R520m T637
T20 T60 T200  
T61 T62 T66  
C-310 U300 C-5060  
Nokia USB
Nokia 8600 Nokia N81 Nokia 6500 Nokia 5610
Dell Axim
X50 X51 X50v X51v
Nokia (Universal)
6010 6200 N90 6230
6102 6600 N80 6800
N70 6111 82xx 6100
83xx 6120 88xx N95
Sony Ericsson (Universal)
K750i W500 W550  
Z520a K800i W900  
W600i W800 W880  
UX40 PEG-SJ20 TH55 PEG-T 650C
UX50 PEG-T 600 PEG-NR 70  
TJ25 PEG-T 625 PEG-SJ 33  
PEG-NX 70 PEG-T665C PEG-SL 10  
PEG-SJ 22 TJ35 PEG-T 615  
C2588 M35 C45 ME45
C35 6088 A40  
S35 SL45 3508I  
3508 1118 3118  
3518 3568I 6688  
EX-230 EX-240    
Palm (Classic)
M500 Treo TX Tungsten T
130 Zire 71/72 LifeDrive Tungsten T2
i705 Zire 72 Plus Treo Pro Tungsten W
III Palm TX Centro Zire 21/31
m100 Tungsten X Treo 600  
m105 Vx Tungsten C  
Palm Pilot V Tungsten T3  
EXZ40 S3000 S5000 EX240
S3 Cassiopeia EX230  
Nintendo GameBoy Advance Connector
GameBoy Micro GameBoy Advance    
Compact Vario II IV Touch
Vario III SDA Music mail
II Pro    
Nintendo DS Lite
Nintendo DS Lite      
iPAQ 1900 iPAQ HW6800  iPAQ 5400  iPAQ HX2410
iPAQ 2200  iPAQ HW6900  iPAQ 4300  iPAQ HX4705
iPAQ 2563  iPAQ HX2000  iPAQ hx4563  iPAQ HX4700
iPAQ 3600  iPAQ HX2700 iPAQ rw6800  iPAQ HX2400
iPAQ 3563  iPAQ HX2750 iPAQ RX3100 iPAQ rx3563 
iPAQ 3800  iPAQ HX2415 iPAQ RX3400 iPAQ HX2475 
iPAQ 3900  iPAQ H6300  iPAQ HX2755 iPAQ HX2190 
iPAQ 4100  iPAQ H5100  iPAQ RX3700 iPAQ HX2100 
iPAQ HW6500 iPAQ 5500  iPAQ rz1700  
3600 Wallaby P3600 Advantage
Galaxy Himalaya Trinity S710
Prophet Magician Hermes Vox
Falcon Alpine Herald Touch
Blue Wizard Atemis S630
Refresh Galaxy P3300 Cavalier
Universal Tanager Muse Panda
Athena Typhoon Triology P6300
Canary Amadeus P4350 Elf
Voyage Hurricane Breeze Dream
Feeler Apache P6500 Atlas
Sonata TyTN Diamond 6150
Tornado 8150 S730 S310
Kaiser Juno S740 Oxygen
P3450 Shift MTeoR Love
P5500 Pharos Artemis Excalibur
P3470 Startrek Touch Dual S620
Touch Pro 2      
Samsung Mobile Phone
211 411 E880 SGH-210
260 611 (CDMA) Fashion SGH-200
410 620 KEJ 6600 SCH-8500
800 2000 LG2230 S3500
2100 2200 M188 S2100
2400 2488 N100 S811
6300 A288-8 N105 S670
A310 A350 SGH-2100 S600
A460 D528 S100 S570
D600 D800 N400 S500
D808 E530 N200 S470
E560 E618 N195 S370
E720 E728 N188 S250
E810 E818 N150 S108
Z500 X590 T809 SH-110
Z107 X559 Sprint SX-200
Z105 X410 (CDMA) X780 X600
X318 V275