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Carbon Series

Carbon Series

  1. iPhone X Real Leather Folio Case - Carbon Opus

    The ultra-tough, stylish Carbon Opus iPhone X case crams in a load of cutting-edge features, and includes innovations such as extreme screen protection and snap-back, secure-hold technology.


  2. iPhone X - Carbon Flex Case (Anti-Shock)

    An ultra-thin, lightweight, soft case, the Carbon Flex has a high level of impact protection.

    It blends high-end, anti-shock TPU material with a shockproof elastomer lining, maximising the device’s resilience to the knocks, drops and scratches that can come from everyday usage.


  3. iPhone X Carbon-fibre Case - Carbon Ultra Flash

    The ultimate marriage of style, strength and ease-of use, the lightweight Carbon Ultra Flash is the case that professionals want their iPhone X to be seen in. IT boasts resistive leather, giving the case extra grip, so your precious phone always stays snug in your hand. A stitched flash of blue leather adds a flash of panache and proudly carries the debossed Proporta logo.