Not the most glamorous of all the products Proporta has to offer, however the trusty sync-charge cable is an essential accessory for any mobile device out there.

We currently have three different types of sync-charge solution. Each cable is up to the job, however with slightly different features, each one is best suited to different situations.
Retractable USB Sync Charge Cable - ‘Mr Tidy’…
The Retractable USB Sync and Charge Cable is ideal for those who like to synchronise on the move. Measuring 85cm (33.5in) in length when fully extended and retracting to just 12cm (4.7in), this cable is ideal for carrying in your pocket.
The Retractable Cable uses a spring-loaded ratchet reel, meaning that the cable will withdraw into its body when not in use, keeping your cables neatly hidden away and tangle-free. For detailed product instructions, please click here
Standard USB Sync Charge Cable – ‘Mr Practical’…
Sync and Charge your handheld from any USB port with this handy cable and rejoice in your new found freedom as you leave your cradle behind. Ideal for those who like to sync to more than one machine, the Standard USB Sync Charge Cable can easily be carried from one USB port to another.
USB Sync Charge Cable – ‘Mr Reliable’…
Plug into any standard USB port and set up a nice new home for your device with our USB Sync-Charge Cradle. Moulded to custom fit the device, the cradle is best suited to those who like to charge their device in a set area, be it at home or at the office.
USB Sync and Charge Cable – Apple 5G iPod Nano
Ideal for when travelling, the Proporta Sync and Charger Cable means you can connect your Apple 5G iPod nano to your USB Port and not have to worry about your cradle. Leave your cradle at home and stay connected wherever you are - perfect for people who Sync to more than one machine.
USB Sync-Charge Cradle (Acer n35 Series)
The USB Sync-Charge Cradle allows you to make a little home for your PDA on your desktop in the office or at home. This handy product plugs into a standard USB port and includes AC power input with LED indicator for fast charging using your standard AC power supply (not included with this product).
Stereo Y Splitter Cable (standard 3.5 mm/1.8mm)
Plug two sets of stereo headphones into one standard 3.5mm/1.8” stereo socket on your iPod, Sony Walkman, PDA, computer, portable CD/MD player, hifi system etc. at the same time.
iPod FM Transmitter
The iPod FM Transmitter is specially designed to be used with a range of Apple iPods including the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th generation iPod nano, 5G iPod with Video, iPod mini, iPod Photo, and 4G iPod. Simply plug the FM Transmitter into the dock connector of your iPod and it will wirelessly connect to your car or home stereo.
Ideal Partners
Both Proporta’s Retractable and Standard USB Sync Charge Cable can be easily transformed into an AC Mains charging cable and an in-car charging cable when combined with the AC Travel Charger (with USB Socket) and Car Power with Dual USB Socket.

AC Travel Charger (with USB Socket)
Charge your USB compatible device from a standard AC wall power socket using your USB cable and the AC Travel Charger. With its interchangeable worldwide AC plugs, you can now pack just one AC Travel Charger to service all of your devices.
Car Power with Dual USB Socket
Transform your car’s single cigarette lighter socket into two USB charging ports to power up to two USB devices (including your iPod) at one time.
We try our very best to offer all our cabling options for as many devices as we can…however this isn’t always possible. If you have a device which requires a charging cable which you cannot find on our website, please get in touch and we will do our very best to find a solution for you - email hello@proporta.com.