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Which phone case are you? An impartial (ish) view

Whether you’re a new tech aficionado or are still flaunting your faithful Nokia 3210, one thing is for certain; you’re going to drop your phone. And maybe that good ol’ Nokia will bounce right back into your pocket, but your glass-surrounded, new-fangled smartphone most certainly won’t. So, to avoid your beloved phone disintegrating into a gazillion tiny pieces, here’s our round-up of some of the different type of cases available.


Style, substance, or both?

In short, a book-style case has built-in screen protection (the front cover) whereas you’ll need to buy a separate screen protector with a back shell, which as the name suggests, covers only the back and edges of your phone. Back Shells tend to be a favourite among those who want to add as little bulk as possible. However, there are many book-style/folio cases out there that are slim-fitting (ahem, ours are among the thinnest out there) so it really comes down to personal choice. We would recommend also using a screen protector with a book-style case though, because why wouldn’t you?



Most book-style cases are made from leather or faux leather and most back shells are made from plastic (polycarbonate or TPU) or tempered glass. Leather is arguably the nicest and ages the best but isn’t very cow friendly. There are some amazing faux leathers out there, which you’d be hard pressed to notice the difference.


Plastic or tempered glass back shells are slim, hard-wearing and often offer a wider variety of designs and prints. However, if saving the planet is on your mind, we’re seeing an increasing offering of cases made from biodegradable and recycled plastics which should go some way towards making up for us all using phones in the first place.


Look and Feel

If you’re looking for a slim fitting phone case, then plastic/recycled plastic is your best bet. We cover some of ours with a soft-feel coating to add an extra bit of pizazz. Although a lot of leather cases are only available in their base colours, many of our fashion branded cases from Ted Baker, Radley and Karen Millen also have a printed design so if you’re not in the back-shell camp you still have plenty of variety available to you. On the subject of Ted, his Tempered Glass back shells, made from premium HD tempered glass, offers a sensationally crisp print effect (even if we do say so ourselves) and, we think, look blooming marvellous. Sorry that all got a bit salesy at the end there.


Special Features

Let’s be honest. Cases aren’t always that exciting. And we love cases. So, when there’s a special feature to be had, we’re all ears. Some of the options available are Kickstands, which allow easier video viewing, Bumpered Edges, which gives additional protection in case of knocks or scrapes, and Finger Loops, which allow you to hold your phone more securely when taking that perfect selfie (and also act as a stand too).


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