The definitive guide on how to find your friends at a festival

May 19, 2016 3 minute read

Whilst the early May summer sunshine brings brighter days, warmer evenings and lush green landscapes to our every day, we’re most excited about the start of festival season. At the first sight of sun and in true British fashion, we’re all ready to start donning our flip-flips, shorts and not nearly enough factor 50 (and sunglasses indoors, if you’re as cool as Bert from Accounting). Although we’re pretty well prepared at serving up some barbecued burgers and a jug of Pimms at a weekend garden party, we’re less prepared at surviving our first festival (or second, or third for that matter).

Airstream Silver Bullet campervan

We know how to camp in style – meet the Airstream Silver Bullet

If you’re just as baffled at the thought of packing your two-man tent down in to a public transport-sized bag, you’re not sure where to plug your straighteners in and you can’t work out how you’ll ever find your friends at an already sold out (and therefore packed) Glastonbury festival, you’ve come to the right place. If, however, you’re Bear Grylls, ex-military or a serial Glamper, you can probably just click off this page and get back to the great outdoors.

Apart from the obvious festival issues (porta-loos, showering, lack of plug sockets), finding your friends at a festival can genuinely be the most stressful situation of the bunch. (Keep it real, people, and just leave the straighteners at home.) Personal data limitations and all-round rubbish reception in the middle of big fields can often leave us struggling to send SOS texts and relying on remembering where we left our tent. If, like us, you need a bit of an extra hand when it comes to finding your friends at a festival, why don’t you try one of our considered suggestions for chasing down that trail.

Call them

First things first, you need to at least try to call your friends. Assuming you and your friends haven’t lost your phones as well as each other, it’s a good idea to utilize that nifty piece of technology you own. You’re right if you think that the signal might be a bit on-and-off in fifty acres of field but it’s worth a shot. Whilst picking up the phone still seems like the obvious choice and first port of call to us (see what we did there?), we are aware that it’s the 21st century so alternatively, why don’t you try a more modern means of communication?

Snapchat them

Move away from the buffering WhatsApp group chat and sign out of Facebook, it’s time to use Snapchat to your advantage. Whilst 10 second videos don’t reveal all of our best friends’ secrets, a quick picture snapped and sent of your location is a clever way of showing (rather than describing) whereabouts you are. Let’s say you’re standing next to a campervan (you’re probably in the VIP section) or you’re next to that slightly-too-old-to-be-dressed-in-a-mankini man who’s wearing a mankini*, you can capture the moment and give your friends the clue to your location.

Snapchat time filter

Snap your location and swipe to the time filter | Photo credit: Favim.

Added bonus: the Snapchat replay feature and your smartphone’s screenshot function ensure your friends have a visual reminder of what they’re looking for (besides you, obviously).*Mankinis are never acceptable, whatever age you are.

Share your location

Whether you’re using iPhone maps or Google maps, your trusty A to B app has the power to share your exact location with your friends. When location tracking is activated, the map in the app will show your exact location, which you can then share with your friends. In iPhone maps, it’s as simple as tapping on the pin, clicking the share button in the top-right corner and selecting message. Tap in your friend’s number and they’ll receive your exact location, which they can then navigate towards. Why have we never thought of this before?

iPhone maps locating sharing

Send your location via iPhone maps | Photo credit:

Use a Bluetooth tracker

If you haven’t got one already, a Bluetooth tracker really is the way forward. With multiple uses, including tracking luggage, pets, wallets, keys and even your lost friends, a Bluetooth tracker has the potential to be your new BFF. Take our Track-It Bluetooth Tracker, for example. It’s a handy little keyring-sized tracker with a powerful location tracking system that connects easily to your smartphone. Small but mighty, you’ll never lose your friends in a crowd. Featuring a corresponding app, the Track-It software will display the distance between you and your lost friends, so you can start following their trail. If they’re trying to find you, they can double-click the nifty camera button on the tracker which will turn your smartphone’s camera on – you’ll then be able to see their exact location. Smart, right? We think so.

Shop the Track-It today. Just £14.95.

Leave a trail

Channel your inner Hansel and Gretel and leave a trail of breadcrumbs (or burger buns – whatever you’re indulging in) from your tent, all the way to your spot in the crowd. If you get lost, just retrace your steps and you’ll find your tent in no time. What’s more? If your friends have done the same, you’ll be able to follow in their footsteps too. (We’re basically Sherlock Holmes, we know.)

trail of breadcrumbs

Leave a trail of breadcrumbs and retrace your steps | Photo credit:

Send a carrier pigeon

If all else fails, it’s time to use your secret weapon – send a carrier pigeon. Whilst we can’t advise packing up your flares and setting them off next to the main stage, we definitely advocate the use of carrier pigeons. Gently tie your SOS message to your pigeon and watch as he flies off to find your friends. If you don’t already own a homing pigeon, you can shop for your new flighty friend at Bird Trader.

British army carrier pigeon

British troops release a carrier pigeon in 1940 | Photo credit:

Warg your way to them

Ok, so we know not everyone has mastered their warging ability yet but if you’re fairly adept at warging, channel your inner Bran and enter the mind of the fastest animal in your proximity – we generally find that dogs are a solid choice, but birds do offer a unique perspective on the crowd. It’s all pretty simple from here: once you’re controlling the animal of your choice, just zip around the festival until you find your friends. Once you’ve got their location, come back to reality and hop off to them.

warg game of thrones

Channel your inner Bran Stark and warg your way home | Photo credit: Game of Thrones

Unfortunately, we haven’t quite managed the art of Greensighting, so we’re unable to suggest going back in time to the last place you were all together – that’d be really useful, though. We’ll get working on it.


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