Sony Xperia Z3 tops chart for best battery life

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Sony Xperia Z3 tops chart for best battery life

We've all been there at some point. We've seen a stunning sight that simply has to be photographed, or have to check where we're going with a quick look at a maps app, but when we dip into our pocket or bag to retrieve our phone, we're met with nothing but a blank screen.

With more powerful processors than ever, coupled with shiny high-definition displays, poor battery life has been the bane of many a smartphone user for a while now, with many people's planning now involving trying to figure out how long they can go without access to an electrical socket to recharge.

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But if being able to run a phone for as long as possible is important for you, which models should you be considering the next time you come to upgrade? All the major manufacturers give estimated lifespan promises on their websites, but will these really reflect actual use.

One publication that's sought to provide a definitive answer to this recently is Phones Arena, which has run a series of benchmark tests on all the current big devices – and it was Sony's flagship Xperia Z3 that topped the table.

The handset lasted for a total of nine hours and 29 minutes running Phones Arena's test program, which uses a custom web-script designed to replicate the power consumption of typical real-life usage.

And it noted this is no fluke, as Sony devices occupied six of the top ten in the list, including low-end gadgets like the Xperia C and the mid-range T3, as well as the flagship.

The publication said: "The culprit must be Sony's displays, which might not be the best out there when it comes to colour representation and viewing angles, but are apparently using an extremely frugal technology, and screens are the pesky components with the highest battery consumption in our smartphones, so kudos to Sony here."

As far as other brands' flagship models went, Huawei's Ascend Mate7 was the next longest-lasting, at nine hours and three minutes. The Samsung Galaxy S5 clocked in at seven hours and 38 minutes, while Apple's new iPhone 6 could only manage five hours and 22 minutes – though the bigger iPhone 6 Plus ran for six hours and 32 minutes.

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