Smartphone gimmicks? Just do the basics well, Brits say

November 11, 2014 : TECHFacebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmail

Smartphone gimmicks Just do the basics well Brits say

It seems every time a new smartphone is released, makers can't help but crow about the latest bells and whistles they've managed to bolt on to their shiny device. But while this may make for an attractive press release and get the reviewers oohing over it, are they really impressing the people that matter – the buyers?

Well, a new survey by comparison site has suggested the answer is no. It polled more than 1,600 pay-monthly users on what they look for in a smartphone and found usability is the number one selling point.

Some 28.5 per cent of respondents rated this as the thing they care most about in a smartphone, ahead of call reception (19.4 per cent), battery life (18.7 per cent) and apps (9.8 per cent).

In fact, only three per cent said quirky or unique features would be the number one factor that pushes them to choose one model of phone over another.

To be honest, this finding shouldn't really come as a surprise. We Brits have always had a healthy dose of scepticism towards what marketers tell us and can spot a cheesy gimmick a mile away. So what will actually persuade us to open up our wallets when it comes to choosing a new phone?

Well, the number one thing manufacturers can do, at least according to Ofcom's survey, is boost the power pack. A whopping 89.2 per cent of consumers said a long battery life would make them more likely to buy a phone, with not a single person saying they'd be put off by this.

A lot of you may also be looking to hit the great outdoors with your phone, as a waterproof body would sway two-thirds of people towards making a purchase. But even if you don't end up with a device such as this, you can always protect your device at the pool and on the beach with one of our range of waterproof cases

At the other end of the scale, fewer than one in five people would be impressed by gimmicks like eye tracking and bendable bodies – with 20.2 per cent of people saying they'd actually be less likely to buy a flexible phone

So manufacturers, the next time you're wondering what the next fancy add-on will be, the people have spoken – get the basics right first.

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