Selfie stick: the new way to take photos

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This is the new trend and everybody knows it: the selfie stick. Initially made for extreme sportspersons trips, you may love it because of its ability to take great landscapes and group photos or hate it because there is the word “selfie” in its name, but you’ll not be able to escape it. This is why: you can think that the selfie stick is only to express yourself by the way of “selfies”. Obviously, for some people, this is the case. But you can also use it to take beautiful photos of your trips, to replace the person you ask to take a picture of you if you are alone, and to stabilise your lens when you’re cold or in a hurry.

What is it?
The selfie stick is the new accessory to take photos differently. One particularity: its section pole, which can extend up from 13”/33 cm to 41”/105 cm in length. Very light and discreet, you can slip it in your luggage for holidays or in a handbag for hiking with friends. Some can have a remote/key ring or have the buttons on their pole, and then it depends on what you think it is the most user-friendly. There is a pivot on the mechanism to angle your device, and a wristlet for portability. Your device is really integrated into the system and then you can keep it when you are walking away, without the worry of losing it.
How does it work?
The selfie stick works by activating the Bluetooth of your phone, camera, or other device. You just have to put your device in, and then push the button on the pole or on the remote to take photos. It’s magic! You can keep your gloves on your hands with your smartphones, not try to wriggle to push the button and try to look nice in the photo at the same time.
Really, the selfie stick is your new tripod, more useful, cheaper, and easier to move.

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