Running the Raspberry Pi off our Turbochargers

June 22, 2015 : TECHFacebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmail

Running the Raspberry Pi off a Turbocharger 7000

Running the Raspberry Pi off a Turbocharger 7000


One of the nice features about the raspberry pi is that it is so small and transportable.  However the same can’t be said about the Wall-Wort used to power them.

However here at Proporta we have a solution for you.


I am planning a neat little time lapse project using the Raspberry Pi camera.  However this will be out whilst camping.  Im not a Wild Camper anymore but I don’t go for the electrical hookup either.


How to get power in the middle of a field?  That was the puzzle.  While pondering this my phone ran low on charge and I had to slap it on my trusty Turbocharger 7000.  Which got me thinking.. Can the Raspberry Pi run off a Turbo Charger?  And if so how long will it last?


So I did some tests.  I attached my Raspberry Pi to the Turbocharger and it wouldn’t boot (well, it started to boot but would reset it about 1/2 a second later).  Slightly disappointed I put the project to one side.


A month or so later I was charging my phone (A lovely OnePlus One if you were wondering) and realised that the cable that came with my phone charges to 100% in about 2 hours whereas the small cable I carry around with me takes closer to 8 hours to do the same.


I decided to try one of our new Flat cables on the Raspberry Pi/Turbocharger combination.. And bingo.. It worked.  All powered up and all was working wonderfully.


As a durability test I connected my fully loaded Raspberry Pi with Backlit TFT, WIFI Dongle and Bluetooth dongle to my fully charged Turbocharger, walked away and left it.


12 Hours later it was still chugging away.  The Turbocharger was down to its last lit LED so it wouldn’t last much longer.   Sure enough, after 14 hours the whole thing switched off.


My Turbocharger has seen lots of action over the last 2 years and the battery doesn’t hold as much charge as it used to.  At a guess I would estimate its now more of a Turbocharger 5000 than its original 7000mAh.


So my current plan is to use a fully charged Stripe (Turbocharger 12000) and one of our cables (Either Short or Long). With only the Raspberry Pi Camera and the Pi itself (No Screen, Wifi or Bluetooth) Im confident I will be able to get close to 48 Hours of continuous timelapse video.

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