Quiksilver Premium Edition Canvas Sleeve on TechRadar

November 11, 2014 : TECHFacebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmail


“Made by Proporta for surf brand Quiksilver, this two-tone canvas sleeve makes waves with its simplicity.

The tan leather-look edging and a double zip enclosure around the top are well made and tough, but our favourite feature is a pocket on the front that’s idea for stuffing bits of paper. It’s actually ideally sized to hide an iPhone.

Though it’s designed for ‘devices measuring up to 140x205mm so isn’t specific to the iPad Mini Retina, in practice it’s a perfect fit and keeps Apple’s smallest snug – and with plenty of built-in padding to protect it, too.

Weighing a mere 63g, this canvas sleeve is simple but surprisingly functional. For Quiksilver fans, there’s a raised but otherwise subtle logo on the front.”

Full credit: TechRadar

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