Proporta Stripe Turbocharger 12000

November 28, 2014 : TECHFacebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmail


Here then is a quick look at Proporta’s new Turbocharger flagship. It’s finished in convex-edged, rubberised plastic, for maximum grip (both in the hand and for laying a charging phone down on top of the accessory) and premium look and feel. The edges are metal-effect plastic – my fingers weren’t fooled for a moment, but your eyes may be. I’m guessing that metal here would have raised both the price and weight too much. Down at the business end are the familiar two USB outut ports, rated at 1A and 2.1A, with microUSB input at 1A (meaning that a full charge of the Turbocharger is definitely an overnight task, taking up to 12 hours from a flat state). The shiny plastic around the ports is mottled and the effect isn’t necessarily premium, but the output works well, and that’s the main thing..

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