Proporta Leather 4S Case: The Last Word in iPhone Cool

November 21, 2014 : TECHFacebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmail

dunkelbraun case

Buying a leather jacket is a ticket to instant cool.  Just look at The Fonz, the chaps from Easy Rider and, uh, Prince.  If you want to give your iPhone a boost in popularity, then Proporta have the answer: a distressed leather case for the iPhone 4S.

By using distressed leather, the case manufacturers have made a shield for your iPhone that is not only stylish, it’s pretty shock-resistant too.  The three credit card slots mean that you can carry all of your important stuff in one handy place; for Londoners, I’ve found that the case fits my Oyster card (electronic swipe travel card for non-Londoners) really well and that I can just swipe my phone as I move through the barrier and then carry on texting…or researching which vintage leather jacket I’m going to buy from Etsy.

Full article: fanappic

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