Man Utd give tablets the boot

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Man Utd give tablets the boot

It's finally here. This weekend sees the return of the Premier League to our lives after what seems like an eternity of waiting (particularly if you've been trying to scrub the memory of England's World Cup campaign from your mind).

Saturday August 16th will see thousands of fans flock back to the terraces of the top flight as the 2014-15 season kicks off – but already, tech-obsessed fans have been issued a warning from one of the country's biggest clubs.

Ahead of their friendly against Valencia earlier this week, Manchester United warned matchgoers not to try to bring tablet devices with them to their Old Trafford ground. In a statement, the club said any electronic devices bigger than 150mm x 100mm won't make it past security at the turnstiles.

The club stated it was reacting to "security intelligence" and the restriction is in line with new checks on gadgets at airports.

Last month, airports around the UK started warning passengers they would have to prove any smartphones, tablets and laptops could be powered up before being allowed on the plane. Manchester United, however, have said these types of checks would be impractical at a football ground, so it's urging you to leave them at home.    

The sharp-eyed among you may have noted that the ban doesn't extend to smartphones, however, which are still fine as long as they're below the specified dimensions. Naturally, this has led some to suspect the club might have other motives for not wanting tablets in their stadium.

Some reports speculated Manchester United is trying to crack down on fans who've taken to recording large parts of games on tablets, while concerns were also raised about people blocking the view of fans behind them.

But a club spokesman told the BBC the action is not related to these issues.

Whatever the reason, it can only be a good thing for followers of the Red Army not to have to put up with somebody in the seat in front shoving a big slate of plastic in front of your face when you're trying to watch the game, so hopefully this is one problem that will be fixed by the new rules that might catch on.

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