LG unveils not-so-small G3 mini

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LG unveils not so small G3 mini

One of the great things about the choice of mobile phone options right now is that no matter what you want, there's always something out there that's perfect for you. Whether you're looking for a budget device just to keep you in touch with your mates or an all-singing, all-dancing top-of-the-line powerhouse, the chances are you won't have to make compromises to get the handset you want.

And one trend that's really in vogue right now is phone-makers taking their flagship devices and putting them on a crash diet, to offer users all the features and style they want from a premium smartphone, but in a smaller package. And if you're one of those people who struggle to fit the latest generation of five-inch plus products in your pocket or your hand, these are great choices.

So then its no surprise that all the manufacturers are getting in on this action, and the latest to join the party is LG, which has just unveiled a new, smaller version of its flagship G3 device aimed at the mid-tier market, as a competitor to gadgets such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini and the HTC One mini.

This could be excellent news for tech fans, as amongst the current generation of high-end smartphones, the G3 is one of the best. Reviewers have praised it for its powerful camera, smooth curved design and comparatively affordable price. Add a couple of LG G3 accessories to it and it's a phone for any occassion. So it's surely great news then, that all this goodness is now available in a smaller, cheaper package, yes?

Not exactly a mini

But the thing is, the first thing you'll notice about the new 'mini' version of the G3 – officially introduced as the G3 Beats in Korea and set to be labelled the G3 s when it hits shelves in Europe – is that it's not actually that mini.

In fact, the smaller version of LG's top-of-the-line phone is still a hefty five inches across. And while yes, this is undeniably smaller than the 5.3-inch display found on the standard G3, you'd be hard-pushed to tell the difference without a ruler.

By comparison, the smaller versions of the Galaxy S5 and the HTC One measure in at 4.5-inches – the same size as the premium iPhone 5s – and the G3 s is still the equal of the HTC One (M8) in terms of size. So if it's a tiny, inconspicuous handset you could lose in a handbag you were after, you may want to keep looking.

Reined-in specs

As is traditional with smaller-screened devices, LG has also stripped out some of the high-end specifications from the LG G3 as well – all part of its drive to make the phone more affordable for a mid-tier audience. So instead of the 2.5GHz quad-core processor found in its big brother, the G3 s makes do with a 1.3GHz chip. Meanwhile, its RAM has also been reduced from the G3's 2GB (on the smaller 16G memory model) to just 1GB.

It hasn't lost everything though. For starters, it still has the immensely impressive laser auto focus camera that makes the G3 one of the best smartphone cameras you can buy. This accurately measures the distance between the device and the subject and instantly adjusts the focus accordingly, so even the most careless snapper will find blurry shots a thing of the past.

For the selfie-obsessed (you know who you are), it also comes with a Gesture Shot feature, which allows you to start a three-second countdown simply by clenching their hand in front of the screen before the picture is snapped, while Touch & Shoot lets users simply touch anywhere on the display to automatically focus and shoot an image, reducing a two-step process to just one.

Is it worth it?

While we won't be able to tell exactly how it'll function until it hits shelves in the weeks following it's Korean launch on July 18th, anyone expecting a blisteringly-fast device should probably think again.

But if you're after a mid-range device with a price to match – yet still has the classy design and large screen offered by premium phones – the LG G3 s could be the perfect way to enjoy high-quality photos and video without breaking the bank.

And Dr Jong-seok Park, president and chief executive of LG Mobile, clearly has high hopes for the device, noting it will be ideal for consumers who want "the best balance of looks, features, performance and, of course, price".

He added: "The [LG G3 s] represents our commitment to the mid-tier smartphone market that demands mature technology, proven branding, great innovation and attractive price, all in a single device."

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