HTC unveils M8 for Windows smartphone

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HTC unveils M8 for Windows smartphone

There's no doubt that of the current crop of flagship smartphones, HTC's One (M8) is among the most handsome. With its sleek metal design and beautiful five-inch display, it's a pleasure to behold.

But have you ever thought, 'if only it didn't have that clunky Android operating system?' Chances are you haven't, because Android has a lot going for it – it's fast, smooth, full of features and has hundreds of thousands of apps. But if you really want the design of the M8 without having to sign up to Google's range of integrated – and potentially privacy-invading – services, you may be in luck.

That's because HTC has this week unveiled a new version of the One (M8) just for you. On the surface, it's hard to spot the difference, as it has the same dimensions and design as the existing one. But you may be in for a surprise when you boot in up and, instead of Google's friendly green Android, you're welcomed by Microsoft's Windows Phone.

Yes, HTC is now offering its flagship device with the option of running Microsoft's tile-based operating system instead of Android. The new device comes with the 8.1 update of the platform, featuring all Microsoft's premium features, such as Cortana, Action Center, Apps Corner, and Live Tiles. 

It's the first time a flagship device from any manufacturer has been offered with a choice of operating systems, so will users really go for the Microsoft option instead of the more familiar Android? 

Microsoft will certainly be hoping so, as its Windows Phone platform trails a very distant third behind Android and iOS – with one reason for this likely being a lack of devices running the software. Other than gadgets from it's recently-purchased subsidiary Nokia, only a couple of mid-range devices from the likes of HTC, Samsung and Huawei run the system.

So with Windows now competing on a level playing field with Android – at least on the HTC One – it could be make or break for Microsoft's chances of closing the gap.

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