Equip yourself for Glastonbury – our survival guide

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Equip yourself for Glastonbury our survival guide

You can tell the summer's here, and not just because the sun's finally peaked out from behind the clouds. It's that time of year again when strawberry and cream sales shoot up as Wimbledon starts, English cricket fans ready their next batch of excuses and, more importantly, thousands of revellers descend on a farm in Somerset to watch people with questionable fashion taste enthusiastically hammer guitars and shout into microphones.

Yes, it can only be the Glastonbury Festival, and this year's edition promises to be as eclectic as ever. If Pyramid Stage headliners Metallica aren't your cup of tea, you can always hang around for the likes of Arcade Fire, the Black Keys, Lily Allen or Dolly Parton. If you're not too hungover on Sunday, you can even watch the English National Ballet take to the main stage, so don't go complaining there isn't something for everyone.

But it's not all about the music, as getting the most of Glastonbury involves battling the campsites, the crowds and, of course, the infamous mud. So to make sure you come away from the weekend with only good memories, here's our essential survival guide to want you need to bring along.

What to wear

The best advice for Glastonbury packing is prepare for everything. So you'll need a couple of lightweight tops and shorts for when the sun's out, but a warm jumper is also recommended, as tents can still get cold at night. It's also a good idea to pack at least a couple of changes of clothes for if you get wet. It goes without saying that wellies are essential, as with over 150,000 people stomping all over the field, it will only take a light shower to churn up the traditional mud bath.

And there might be bad news on this front for anyone hoping to leave Glastonbury with their clothing in the same condition as when they arrived. Early predictions that the weekend would stay hot and dry are now looking to be wide of the mark, with forecasters now warning some rain is expected.

Look after your gadgets

If the mud does arrive, it won't just be your designer clothes that you need to keep safe – your mobile phone won't thank you if you drop in the dirt either. If you want to be absolutely sure it's safe from harm, how about equipping it with a BeachBuoy Waterproof Case? Tested and approved by the British Standards Institute, this handy accessory can make sure your phone withstands submersion of up to five metres for an hour – so it will surely be able to cope with whatever Glastonbury can throw at it.

Something else to think about is an emergency battery charger – if you're going to be spending three or four days in a tent, an outlet socket will be hard to come by and that length of time is a stretch for many modern smartphones to last. And you don't want to find your battery dying on you just when you're getting ready to capture memories of Sunday evening, so consider taking along something to keep your phone juiced.

What else to take with you?

Given that you're going to be lugging your supplies through one of the world's biggest campsites, Glastonbury organisers advise visitors to travel light and only bring what they absolutely need. But aside from clothes, camping supplies and your trusty smartphone, there are a few things you shouldn't be without.

To keep looking your best, some essential toiletries are a must. Marie Claire notes that you should consider yourself very lucky if you come across a decent shower, so dry shampoo is hugely useful. The magazine also noted travel-size mouthwash is a quick way to freshen up, while antibacterial hand cleaner and baby wipes were also described as a "godsend", as soap tends to disappear very quickly at the campsite.

What to leave at home

There are a few items that won't get past the gates at Glastonbury, with glass bottles chief among these. It doesn't matter if it's water, alcohol or even perfume – if it could smash, it's not coming in. Gazebos are also a big no-no, as the festival organisers say they take up valuable tent space – as well as being one of the most frequently-abandoned items in the mad rush to get out on Monday morning.

Also, while you're welcome to use your smartphone or other personal camera device to take photos or video of your experience, security won't take it kindly if you and your mates turn up looking like the film crew from the next Michael Bay movie, while sound systems are also on the banned list. 

But if you keep things simple and remember not to leave anything valuable lying around, you'll be well set to enjoy the music and get into the summer spirit in style, without having to worry about breaking or losing anything important. Enjoy the music.

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