Battery Life Problems? How to Keep Playing Pokemon GO on your Smartphone

July 18, 2016 3 minute read

If you’re not already playing Pokemon Go, where have you been? After its initial launch in the US, Australia and New Zealand, Pokemon Go was launched on iOS in the UK on July 14th 2016. With millions of App Store downloads on the first day alone, getting online has proven somewhat difficult. You might have experienced some issues connecting to the app this weekend (July 16-17), after Niantic – the company behind the mega-popular new augmented reality game – experienced a flood of traffic to its servers, after releasing the game to 26 countries in Europe.

Pokemon Go is a location-based augmented reality mobile game deveoped by Niantic and the creators of Pokemon. You can now download the app on iOS and Android free-of-charge. Pokemon Go allows you to travel between the real and virtual world of Pokemon, discovering Pokemon in the same way which the loveable characters did on the classic TV shows. Pokemon Go is built on Niantic’s gaming platform and uses real locations to map out the game’s surroundings. Players can explore cities and towns anywhere on the planet to capture as many Pokemon as possible.

Pokemon Go players can check which Pokemon species are in their surroundings and follow the map to catch them.

 It’s definitely frustrating when you can’t connect to the app, but what’s worse is being online and your battery running flat. Due to the app’s dependence on GPS connectivity to map out your surroundings, show relevant Pokestops and gyms in the area and use in-app augmented reality sensors to show Pokemon in your local surroundings, the game already has a reputation for being a bit of a battery drainer.

If you’re looking to spend the day out and about catching Pokemon, a full iPhone 6 charge won’t last long. If you’re battling at gyms, catching Pikachus and working on your XP, you can expect 3-4 hours of non-stop play. In reality though, and with your usual smartphone activity, it’s likely to be even less. With this in mind, it’s definitely worth having a power source to hand.

Whether you’re at home, in the office or out and about, keep your device charged with an emergency power bank

With a portable power bank, you can keep your smartphone charged up and ready to play Pokemon Go whenever you want to. Be at the mercy of your battery life no more and add a power bank to your Pokemon Go playing essentials. Whether you’re at home, in the office (work hard, play hard, right?) or out and about on your mission to catch new Pokemon, ensure your mobile device never falls flat.

With a range of portable power banks in varying degrees of charging capacity, our on-the-go power accessories make light work of catching ’em all.

Pictured above, the mighty Stripe TurboCharger 12000 has enough capacity to charge an iPhone 6S over 6 times from flat. Just ensure you’ve fully charged the TurboCharger overnight and until the LED lights show a full charge. See the product information here for charging details (it’s really easy, honest).

If you don’t think you need such a mighty mAh power bank, you can opt for any of our other styles, including a pocket-sized charger that will fit in your wallet, and a floral-print version – Ted Baker’s ‘The Stopover’ mini charger (in a handy, lipstick size – perfect for handbags).

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