Accessorise your phone to help stay fit

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Accessorise your phone to help stay fit

You can always tell it's January by the sudden appearance of a lot more people in lycra and jogging bottoms taking to the streets. It's that time of year when resolutions to get in shape and a need to shake off that Christmas binge push many of us out to the parks, or into the gym if we don't fancy dealing with the cold.

But as January gives way to February, it's likely to be the case that many of these good intentions fall by the wayside as we favour an evening in by the fire with a bowl of ice cream. Therefore, if you really want to stick to your promises, but are struggling with willpower alone, you need to find a way to make your exercise more interesting.

So why not invest in some accessories for your smartphone that can make pounding the pavement or getting around by pedal power a bit more stimulating? Here are our top tips for products to keep you stimulated.

When you're hitting the streets – Running armband

Gone are the days when listening to music when out for a run meant risking frequent skipping of your favourite songs as you jolted your personal CD player around. The latest smartphones make it easy to enjoy your most motivating tracks when exercising with no loss of quality.

But where to hold the phone? You don't want to be wearing items with bulky pockets when you're trying to get in shape, and carrying the phone in your hand runs the risk of slippage and expensive repairs. That's why the best solution will be a phone-carrying strap you can use to attach your smartphone to your upper arm.

Fully adjustable and made of comfortable neoprene, we've got designs to fit any medium smartphone, or a specially-designed offering that's tailored specifically for all you iPhone 5S users.

Keep yourself motivated – Headphones

Of course, being able to listen to your favourite workout tracks when on the treadmill or bike is no use if you can't fully enjoy the sound, which is why you ought to think about upgrading your headphones from the options that often come with your phone. 

Take a look at our Proporta Stereo Headphones, which use a standard 3.5mm jack and make a great replacement pair of headphones for any MP3 player, smartphone, or tablet. Or how about our In-Ear Headphones, which include a button on the cable that lets you answer calls or pause your music with one click – ideal for when you're on the move.

No more frozen fingers – Tactile gloves

Going out to exercise with bare hands can be a silly thing to do at this time of year. So you don't end up with frozen fingers while the rest of your body's sweating, a pair of gloves is a must. But if you've ever tried to control a smartphone while wearing them, you'll know it's next to impossible, as the touch sensors can't detect fingers through the material.

That's why we offer gloves especially designed for using a smartphone. The tailored weave on our Touch Screen Gloves means you have complete control of any touch screen device without exposing your hands to the elements – ideal if you're going for an early run on a frosty morning.

On the trails – Bike-mounted waterproof case

If pounding the pavement isn't for you and you'd rather take your bike out into the open country, you'll need some way of telling where you're going. So instead of having to stop every five minutes to check the route, why not attach your smartphone directly to your handlebars?

With the BeachBuoy Bike Mounted Waterproof Case, you can check your GPS or look in on your cycling app without ever taking your hands off the controls. It's guaranteed to be waterproof for depths of up to five feet, so you can be sure it'll cope with even the most inclement British weather – or anything else you want to throw at it.

Watch this – Camera Demon

For the more extreme adrenaline junkie though, normal outdoor pursuits aren't enough. And whether you're thundering down a mountain bike trail, climbing a rock face, hitting the ski slopes or throwing yourself down a white water rafting course, being able to record the experience for posterity is something many people want to do.

But it can be awkward to set up a phone or camera to do this properly – unless you've got a Camera Demon, that is. This helmet-mounted cradle sticks securely to any helmet and fits any compact digital camera. With 360-degree rotate and tilt function, you'll never miss a moment of your best moves to show off later.

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