5 of the best – luxury smartphones for the super-rich

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5 of the best luxury smartphones for the super rich

One of the great things about today's smartphones is pretty much anyone can pick one up for a few pounds and have access to a world of entertainment. Indeed, some of the entry-level Android devices will set you back as little as £60. But what about the other end of the scale?

No, we're not talking about your standard flagship phones like the latest iPhones or Samsung Galaxys. We mean the really high-end devices. If you're the type of person who thinks spending £789 on the top-of-the-line iPhone 6 Plus just isn't flash enough, you'll no doubt be delighted to know there are a range of tailored, high-end luxury devices out there aiming to cater exclusively to jet-setters, movie stars and oil barons.

Unless you've got a business idea to put Richard Branson to shame or some hidden insight into next week's lottery numbers, the chances are you'll never get to own one of these high-end status symbols, but why not take a moment to drift into fantasy land and see how the other half lives with our picks for some seriously expensive smartphones?

One thing to note, though. Shockingly, none of these devices are actually worth the huge amounts of money they cost when it comes to performance – after all, there's only so much you can do with a processor and a screen. Really, the only reason you'd have one of these gadgets over something like an iPhone is if you want to broadcast your wealth to the world, so modest people need not apply.

BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9983 

The latest in a series of collaborations between business-focused smartphone maker BlackBerry and the carmaker of choice for many of its executive customers, the Porsche Design P'9983 features premium materials such as forged stainless steel for the Porsche Design floating logo and chassis (of course it's a chassis, not a case) and a Sapphire glass screen.

Each user also gets a unique PIN that Blackberry says "sets the owner apart and makes them instantly recognisable among other Porsche Design users". Despite that, though, it's relatively affordable as far as luxury phones go, at just €1,650 (£1,311).

Gresso Radical Black R1

If you want a stylish smooth design, but BlackBerry's operating system isn't for you, how about an Android device, in the shape of a Gresso Radical Black R1? As well as Google's familiar OS, you'll get to enjoy the smooth feel of polished grade 5 titanium in your hands – which Gresso takes pains to point out is also used widely in the aerospace industry, so you can indulge your fantasies of being a fighter pilot while you're playing Angry Birds.

Radical Black R1 owners can also enjoy the warm glow that comes with being a member of an exclusive club, as there are just 100 of the hand-made devices on offer – each one coming with its own unique model number engraved on the case. And the price of entry to this club? A snip at $2,500 (£1,571).

Savelli Jardin Secret

If those phones feel a bit masculine – all brushed metal and testosterone – how about something more elegant, such as a Savelli Jardin Secret? This is touted as the luxury phone range designed specifically for women – and you get the choice of not one, but 11 designs, all featuring precious metals, gemstones and elegant leather.

Highlights of the range include the Ardent Red, which has a Red Alligator leather back cover and is framed with 18-carat rose gold. Or how about the Diamond Night, which comes with 395 white diamonds embedded into it? Prices for this range start at around $10,000 for the most basic model, but the top-end will set you back six figures.

Vertu Bentley

At a mere £10,700, the Vertu Bentley might seem like a budget option compared with the top-end Savelli devices, but there is a catch, as you'll need one very specific accessory in order to really make the most of this 4.7-inch, Android-powered device – a Bentley car.

It's not strictly essential to make the phone work, but you'd look silly without it, right? The Vertu Bentley – the first device of a five-year contract between the brands – can act as a remote control for your Bentley Flying Spur's in-car entertainment system, while it also comes with a subscription to Vertu's signature 24-hour concierge service.

Black Diamond iPhone 5

Okay, even by the standards of toys for the uber-rich, we admit this one's a little ridiculous, but if you really want to make a statement about your obscenely big bank balance, you won't find anything better than this diamond-encrusted iPhone 5.

Sure, the technology's now more than two years old, but what you're really paying for with this design from Liverpool-based jeweller Stuart Hughes is the solid gold back, 600 white diamonds surrounding the edge of the case and the 26-carat black diamond incorporated into the Home button. 

While you can't walk into your local Apple Store and buy it – it was created to a bespoke design for a Chinese businessman – if you could, you would have to fork over a cheque for a cool $15.3 million for the privilege. Suddenly, the latest iPhone 6 Plus seems like a bit of a bargain, doesn't it?

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