5 key accessories for your new iPhone 5s

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The five best accessories for your new iPhone 5s

Now that the decorations are back in the attic, the tree is sitting forlornly in the bin and you're congratulating yourself on finally finishing all that leftover turkey, many people will be starting to explore just what they can do with the shiny mobile phones they got for Christmas.

And for a large number of Brits, the new piece of smooth moulded plastic and metal they're stroking lovingly will be an iPhone 5s, as this is said to have been the most popular model in the nation's stockings in 2013. According to uSwitch, Apple's latest flagship took the coveted Christmas number one slot ahead of rivals from Samsung and HTC.

But once you've fully figured out what's new in iOS 7 and checked out the mind-bogglingly huge range of apps available in the App Store, what can you do to make your phone the best gadget you've ever owned? 

For many people, their handset is already at the centre of their universe, so why not treat yourself with some accessories to really make your phone stand out? Read on for our tips on the top five iPhone accessories.

Keep it convenient – Docking station

One of the inevitable facts of owning any modern smartphone is they're very power-thirsty, so you'll often find yourself hunting around for the right cable to keep it charged. But why not make this more convenient with a charging station?

Gadgets such as our iPhone 5s Charge Cradle plug into a standard USB port and sit nicely on your desk. It's sleek design will fit in with any modern home or office, while keeping your screen available for easy viewing.    

Share your songs – Speakers

Filling your iPhone with your entire library of songs is great, but music isn't a solo experience, so if you want to fill a room with sound and share your favourite tracks, you'll need an alternative to the tinny built-in speaker. There are a great selection to choose from, but something small and portable – yet still powerful enough to pack a punch – should be the best option for many people.

For instance, have a look at Proporta's Twisted System Portable Speakers. These are just 7cm cubed – so are easy enough to carry with you anywhere – and run off three AAA batteries or a USB port. But despite their small size, you'll still get great-quality results, and the speaker heads even twist to make it simple to direct the sound.

Don't just listen, watch – Apple TV
If you're one of the growing number of people who've ditched TV listing magazines and fixed schedules in favour of on-demand viewing, Apple TV is a must. This clever little set-top box plugs into your TV and lets you stream movies, TV shows, photos and more direct from your iPhone or iPad to the big screen – making it great if you like to catch up on the move, but want the full experience when you're at home.

With apps to let you access sites like YouTube, Netflix and more – all in high-definition – this is an essential add-on if you like to take full control of your viewing.

Check the time and your messages – Smartwatch

Wearable technology is still very much in its infancy, but being able to check emails and text messages or control your music on your wrist is great if you're just too busy to fumble around in a bag for a phone.

Some smartwatches – like Samsung's Galaxy Gear – can only be paired with certain compatible models, but gadgets such as the Pebble can be connected via Bluetooth with almost any smartphone and its e-ink display means it can be used for up to a week between charges.

Make it your own – iPhone 5s case

Of course, with iPhone 5s' being so popular, you'll need something to make yours stand out – so why not try a personalised case? You can get the design of your choice printed on it to really make your device stand out, or choose from a range of high-quality materials like smart business leather or smooth carbon fibre.

It would be a shame if you were to drop and smash your new iPhone 5s just a few weeks after getting it, so one that can insulate your gadget from the shock of a fall is also a great investment.

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