Removable Belt Clip

  Thank you for purchasing a Proporta Alu-Leather Case.  
  Many of Proporta’s cases are compatible for use with Proporta’s Removable Belt Clip system – option available where a removable blanking screw can be found at the back of the case.  
  The Removable Belt Clip allows you to wear your device whilst on the move, for quick and easy access to your mobile device. For those times when you’d prefer to keep your device hidden away from prying eyes, the belt clip can be easily removed and your mobile device can be carried in a pocket or bag, safe in the knowledge that it is fully protected from stray keys and loose coins, adding light weight or bulk to the device.  
  If you would like to receive a belt clip, free of charge, please follow the instructions on the Alu-Leather Removable Belt Clip product page which you can view here.  

Instructions for use:

  To attach the belt clip, first remove the blanking screw and replace with the attachment post. Once tightly fixed, the clip can easily slide on and off the post at the touch of a button, giving easy but secure access to your device.  
  - Removable Blanking Screw  
  - Alu-Leather case with Belt Clip  
  When using your Alu-Leather case with the Proporta PDA Car Mount, the magnetic base can slip underneath the belt attachment post of your Alu-Leather Case for added security when travelling across unstable ground.  
  - Front on attachment  
  - Close up of additional support from attachment post