Aluminium – Attractive and Protective

Your mobile device (iPod, digital audio, PDA, Smartphone, game console) is both valuable and delicate.  That’s why Proporta uses aluminium to offer vastly improved protection where it’s most needed.

With ten years of experience in protecting mobile devices (as well as repairing broken screens), Proporta has designed its Aluminium Cases and Aluminium-Lined Leather Cases to combine elegance with solid, dependable protection.


Why Aluminium?

Aluminium looks stunning but it has some solid, technical advantages as well…

  • Strength – with a tensile strength of between 100–180 MPa, aluminium is extremely strong and resistant to damage.
  • Weight – with a density of just 2.7 x 103 kg per square meter, aluminium has approximately 35% of the density of steel – so it is extremely lightweight.
  • Corrosion Resistance – anodised aluminium will not rust, corrode or discolour - it is resistant to weathering, even in environments which are destructive to other metals.
  • Reflectivity – aluminium has a reflectivity of more than 80% which gives it a bright lustre, i.e. it shines; this property makes it as attractive as it is protective.

    For more information about aluminium, please visit the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.
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Proporta Alu-Leather Cases - Stylish, Elegant and Reassuringly Protective

Most leather cases are lined with cardboard (tensile strength 10 MPa).  Proporta Alu-Leather Cases are lined with aircraft grade aluminium (tensile strength 100–180 MPa).  Without boring you with technicalities, this means your delicate screen is less likely to get smashed.

Proporta Alu-Leather Cases are also hand crafted from beautiful real leather, compatible with the unique Proporta Magnetic Vehicle Docking System and equipped with our optional and fully removable Belt Attachment System (Flip Type cases only). 

Proporta Alu-Leather Cases have a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects and are available for leading mobile devices.

Proporta Alu-Leather Cases – beauty that’s not skin deep

Proporta Aluminium Cases - Sleek, Stylish and Protective

Precision moulded from aircraft grade aluminium and lined with impact absorbent foam, Proporta Aluminium Cases offer dependable, lightweight protection to the screen, sides and all areas of your device.

Adding very little to the size of your device, Proporta Aluminium Cases are packed with features such as internal memory card storage and cutaways to give access to device ports and controls. Perfect for everyday use as well as the times when you need a little extra protection, our Aluminium Cases are compatible with the Proporta Magnetic Vehicle Docking Mount and have an optional removable belt attachment system - so you can safely take your mobile device with you wherever you go.

Proporta Aluminium Cases come with a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects and offer a sleek alternative to the traditional leather case.

Proporta Aluminium Cases – protection you can trust


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