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Ted Baker iPhone, iPad and Kindle case collection

Ted Baker iPhone 6 Case (and iPad, Kindle... etc) Collection - by Proporta

Styled by Ted Baker London, brought to you by proporta.co.uk. This collection of Ted Baker iPhone 6 cases and iPad covers takes as inspiration the playful detailing, exquisite cuts and unwavering attention-to-detail from Ted's luxurious collections. And it's not just a club for boys... Ted's leading knowledge of female fashion brings with it a new collection of Ted Baker iPhone SS16 cases and Kindle covers for the fashion conscious female user.


Women's iPhone 6S Plus / 6 Plus Case Collection

Ethereal Posie Torte1 Portae1 Fraiser1 DobosNude1
           ETHEREAL POSIE                       TORTE                       PORTAE                   FRAISER                  DOBOS Nude
Malissa1 KadiaRosegold KadiaNude  
                    MALISSA                 KADIA Rose gold                 KADIA Nude  


Men's iPhone 6S Plus / 6 Plus Case Collection

Hexwhizz Black Hexwhizz Stand Black Hexwhizz Stand Black
             HEXWHIZZ Black   HEXWHIZZ Black With Stand              HEXWHIZZ Navy


Women's iPhone 6S / 6 Case Collection

ShannonCoral ShannonFuchsia ShannonBlack Aja EtherealposieBlack
             SHANNON Coral           SHANNON Fuchsia              SHANNON Black                          AJA       ETHEREAL POSIE Black
EtherealposieNude HangingGardens FloralSwirl StencilledStem MarielNude
      ETHEREAL POSIE Nude            Hanging Gardens                   Floral Swirl             Stencilled Stem               MARIEL Nude
MarielBlack ELEETA ShannonBlackGold ShannonRosegold ShannonWhite
              MARIEL Black                     ELEETA       SHANNON Black Gold         SHANNON Rose gold            SHANNON White
ShannonNude DobosBlack DobosNude Fraiser Malissa
            SHANNON Nude                 DOBOS Black                 DOBOS Nude                    FRAISER                    MALISSA
Torte Portae Floreii RenayeNude RenayeWhite
                    TORTE                     PORTE                     FLOREII                RENAYE Nude                RENAYE White
         RENAYE Rose gold                   ALLI Mirror                     SIMETO                     PLIMA                     SALSO
Louela ALLI Loouise SUSU Tanalia
                    LOUELA                        ALLI                     LOOUISE                     SUSU                     TANALIA


Men's iPhone 6S / 6 Case Collection

Yogtop Yodanno GunmetalBlack Herraz  
                    YOGTOP                    YODANNO              Gunmetal/Black                     HERRAZ  
HexBrown HexBlack Kris  
                  HEX Brown                     HEX Black                     KRIS


Women's iPhone 5S / 5 Case Collection

Tanalia GRAC SUSU Tanalia_5 SALSO
Tanalia 5S
Tanalia 5


Men's iPhone 5S / 5 Case



Ted Baker iPhone 4S / 4 Case Collection

Telegraph4S Telegraph4
                 Telegraph 4S                  Telegraph 4


Ted Baker Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases

Hexwhizz LeathercaseWithpocket
Ted Baker Samsung Galaxy S6 Case
Ted Baker Samsung Galaxy S6 Case
leather style hard shell with pocket


Ted Baker iPad Cover Collection

A collection of fresh new iPad covers and cases from Ted Baker and Proporta. These Ted Baker covers give your new iPad superior protection, whilst making you stand out from the crowd. Brains as well as brawn, trust Ted (and Proporta) to keep your Apple iPad safe from any knocks and bumps caused by everyday use.

Apple iPad Covers

Grafham leatheriPadair2Black leatheriPadair2Brown ipadProHexwhizz
                   Grafham         leather iPad air2 Black          leatheriPadair2 Brown            ipad Pro HEXWHIZZ
ipad mini / mini2 / mini3 Hanging gardens


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Cases

EtherealPosie Sunlit_Floral
            ETHEREAL POSIE                 Sunlit Floral