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HTC 3-in-1 USB Headphone Adaptor Compatibility Chart

Cingular | Dopod | HTC | i-mate | Orange | Qtek | T-Mobile | Vodafone | Xda

  HTC HTC Dopod Xda
  HTC Desire HTC P3450 Dopod C500 O2 XDA Trion
  HTC Legend HTC MTeoR Dopod P660 O2 XDA Argon
  HTC Google Nexus One HTC P3400 Dopod D810 O2 xda Star
  HTC HD2 HTC Oxygen Dopod P800W O2 XDA Nova
  HTC Tattoo HTC Kaiser Dopod C800 O2 XDA Orbit II
  HTC Trinity HTC Panda Dopod C720w O2 xda Orbit
  HTC P3300 HTC Touch Dual Dopod C730 O2 xda Cosmo
  HTC Herald HTC Wings 100 Dopod S1  
  HTC S620 HTC P3650 Dopod D600 T-Mobile
  HTC Cavalier HTC Pharos 100 Dopod C750 T-Mobile MDA Vario III
  HTC Touch HTC Sirius 100 Dopod P860 T-Mobile Dash
  HTC Breeze HTC Kii 100 Dopod E616 T-Mobile MDA Vario II
  HTC Gene HTC P3600 Dopod 310 T-Mobile MDA Compact III
  HTC S310 HTC Artemis Dopod 595 T-Mobile MDA Touch
  HTC TyTN II HTC P4350 Dopod 838Pro  
  HTC P6300 HTC Excalibur Dopod CHT 9000 Qtek
  HTC Nike HTC S710 Dopod CHT 9100 Qtek 9600
  HTC S730 HTC TyTN II P4550 Dopod M563 Qtek 8600
  HTC Touch Cruise HTC Touch Dual P5500 Dopod C858 Qtek P3600
  HTC P3470 HTC Polarise 100 Qtek G200
  HTC P6500 HTC Shadow i-mate
  HTC T-Mobile Shadow HTC Juno i-mate JasJam SoftBank
  HTC Vox   i-Mate SP JAS SoftBank X02HT
  HTC S630 Orange
  HTC TyTN Orange SPV C100 Cingular
  HTC Hermes Orange SPV C563 Cingular 8525
  HTC Z Orange SPV E650
    Orange SPV M563    
  Vodafone Orange SPV M650    
  Vodafone VDA V Orange SPV M3100    
  Vodafone V1615      
  Vodafone VPA Compact IV      
  Vodafone VPA Compact GPS      
  Vodafone V1605      

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