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In Building – The physical Stock. This should always reflect the stock count on physical stock items. And this is the only figure we keep on the stock table, the rest is calculated. This can never go minus

Pending – Total items which are ordered and yet to be shipped for both reseller and web

Reserved Pending – We have reserved but yet to arrive (that is the Supplier order which was reserved against has not arrived yet)

Arrived Reserved - We have reserved and arrived (That is these are a part of the physical Stock, i.e. the Supplier order which was reserved against has come)

In Future – Supplier purchase orders those are yet to come

On Order – Total stock items that we should order as it stand now
On Order = MAX(Pending - (In Building + In Future) , 0)

Available – Total Available to be shipped
Available = (In Building - Arrived Reserved)

Here if you are looking to send a reseller order, the available logic changes to this A
vailable for order R = (In Building - Arrive Reserved) + (Arrive Reserved for Order R)

Also here available will not think about the pending orders, here the available means available to be shipped, when a new order is placed to think if it should stay on OOS status or not, we think about pending

See the two logics here
Available Stock for a New Order = In Building – Pending
Available Stock for Shipment (Existing Orders) = In Building – Reservation

Level Critical

( (Current Stock +OnOrder)- Pending ) < 30 day Sales

last 30 day sales     =    100
Current Stock        =    50
OnOrder                =    10
Pending                  =    20
((50+10)- 20 ) < 100