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Proporta - Sri Lanka

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Customer Services & Web Administration Team

Prabuddhi Prabuddhi Nawarathna
HR and Operations Manager
  Diana Kenny
Asst. Manager Customer Services/Office

About Prabuddhi: A true peoples person, who takes care of the operations at Proporta SL in an effective and efficient manner, whilst playing the role of HR manager. Very friendly with staff and is capable of turning a negative situation into a positive one, bringing a smile on the employee's face. Apart from this she is also a Professional dancer and a 'soon to be lawyer'. Not to mention a proud mother of a cute little girl and wife of a very handsome husband ;)

About Diana:She's the first girl to step into PPSL. New to office management but with a vast experience of 'Proporta', specially customer service and web admin. She supervisors the CS team and assits Prabuddhi with office administration duties. Generally a quiet person with a loud voice. Got that figured out? :)
Roshell Roshell Taylor
Senior Customer Services Executive
  Ishani Ishani Sylvester
Supervisor - Web Administrator

About Roshell: the 'captain' of customer service. She provides excellent customer service, always ready to help a customer and bring a smile on his/her face. She likes music & is the Musician at Proporta. Also she is the 'second youngest member'. I know you won't agree with me when you see the pic but you better believe it. Loves to be called Rosh and has a pen that's labelled 'Don't touch or I will kill you'.

About Ishani: the Web Administrator at Proporta :) She is directly involved in all tasks related to web administration & has a vast knowledge in her area of expertise. Ishi is the tinniest person who ever set foot in this office. Otherwise known as nitwit, dingbat, Ish & Ishu she is the most lovable and humorous girl at Proporta SL.
Shanali Shanali Perera
Junior Web Administrator

About Shanali: She works as the junior web administrator at PPSL, it's her fist job ever. Shanali is very focused and helps Ishi make the website beautiful with our very attractive product range. She is also interested in web desgining. She claims to like cricket and football although we're yet to see her in action.An avid fan of Flash and Arrow tv series and wishes she could be Mrs.Flash someday.

Online Marketing Team (External Sellers/Business Support)

Sanjeev Sanjeev Jayaseelan
Supervisor - Online Marketing / Account Manager
  Dinesh Dinesh Varma
Online Marketing Executive - Amazon

About Sanjeev: He heads up the online marketing team and is known as the person who can sell a fridge to an eskimo. :) He has years of experience in marketing and always provides his team with the support and guidance they need. Apart from work he is involved in a lot of Church activities and plans to setup his own Church someday. Amen.

About Dinesh: Dinesh handles all Amazon related tasks and is always there to lend a helping hand to his colleagues. He believes that the reason for success is hard work and dedication. Playing Ingress is his hobby. He is also a fan of cricket, music and movies, and loves dogs. 'Dinesh is the coolest guy in Proporta', so he says, his colleagues beg to differ. Excuse me.
Chethiya Chethiya Silva
Business Support Executive

About Chethiya: works as an Business Support Executive at Proporta & joined us on our 16th Birthday. Helping the Business Support team. He is a quick learner & is always ready to support his colleagues. It's quite boring when he is not aroud in office as he never fails to bring a smile on our faces. Correction, he never fails to keep his colleagues rolling on the floor with laughter. He also plays the role of Proporta DJ. Loves to ask weird questions NICELY, which leave you baffled in the end.

Development Team

Ketheesan Ketheesan Kanagasingham
Technical Lead / Dev Team Manager
  Sathyajith Sathyajith Rajapaksha
Software Engineer
About Ketheesan:  Heads the development team and is the most senior software Engineer at Proporta. He has been with us for many years & is the father figure of the dev team. :) A rather quiet person who enjoys whistling when he is less stressed out.
About Sathyajith: A friendly and hardworking guy who is an expert at what he does. The second quietest memeber at Proporta (Diana being the first), he loves to watch movies and read books.
Jeewantha Jeewantha Priyadarshana
Software Engineer
  Dulan Dulan Wijewardana
Technical QA Engineer

About Jeewantha : works as a software engineer at Proporta. A very pleasant and friendly guy who always has a smile on his face whenever he greets a person. He is an energetic and easy going team member. Loves to listen to rock music.

About Dulan: Yet another software engineer at Proporta. He is determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation he may find himself. When he is not at work you would see him busy on his iPad.

Accounts Team

Cyril Cyril Manatunga

About Cyril: the man behind the numbers. He is the Accountant at Proporta. A hard worker who is proficient at what he does. The most punctual employee at Proporta you can rely on him never to be late.

Office Assistance

Leelani Leelani Chandrakanthi
Office Assistant
  Vipula Vipula Kumara
Office Assistant

About Leelani: office assistant at Proporta. She is the person who makes sure that we get our morning coffee or tea fixed, and makes arrangements for the meals that keep us one tracked individuals alive. Service with a smile is her motto.

About Vipula: office assistant at Proporta. He's a hardworker & is very keen on his job. A delight to work with. When he is not busy bringing a smile on someone's face you would find him wokring out at the gym trying to maintain his perfect physic.